Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This advertising has called people’s attention, for its funny style. Actually, the campaign has been well succeeded and I believe that Nova Schin Group is very happy with the increasing sales of beer.

The commercial target group is adult consumers of alcoholic drinks, due to law restrictions and people must be advised to consume them with moderation. However, this advertising has reached children and teen’s attention as well, for its hilarious message of one answering someone else’s cell phone, using words with ÃO in the end. Words like sabadão, pokerzão, perfeição, carrão, amigão, mulherão, etc., rhymes with the new cervejão.

Cervejão was intelligently created to oppose all other brands of beer that people are used to call the cervejinhas. A new concept is in the air. Nova Schin has now to be good enough to keep up with what it promises.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

WLC Shampoo Advertising

Welcome to Heaven!

A single photo is worth more than a 1000 words.
Welcome to heaven!
Leave  the sadness  of having a frizzy and dried hair behind.
Now you can get WLC NOFRIZZ!!!
It is the most revolutionary formula that makes your hair smoother and shinier, without leaving it greasy.
A new, a different, and a wonderful look in your hair are all you want to feel in paradise.
So, what are you waiting for?
Try WLC NOFRIZZ right now and see it for yourself.                             

P S: - WLC stands for welcome! This product is fictitious. It is just a school homework. Also the images were taken from Google. The purpose is just to stimulate followers to read and tell me if the advertising convinces someone to buy the shampoo or it´s a waste of money doing it, as it has been stated in the previous article.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is Advertising a Waste of Money?

Basically, yes. If you don’t have anything new to sell or if your product is exactly the same as all others we can find on the shelves, so I could say you’re fooling the viewers.
However, if you look at your product in a different way and you can find different peculiarities of its own, a single detail is enough for a good publicity to make it become recognized, sold, well known and, who knows, famous!
In this case, it will all depend on the agency, the marketing and how they will manage the campaign to convince the gullible public that your product is the best one among all others. It is extremely important how they will say it. What matters for you is to establish the brand so that in a very short future you can launch other products in the market that can be benefited by it.
On the other hand, advertising it as a common product with no unique “difference" is just a matter of choices. You have to choose different ways to spend your money to inform the viewers that your product exists. It´s like everyone trying to say nothing in a very charming and seductive way.
Advertising is the angle of engagement which target audiences are ducks waiting to be shot. The strong survive the weak die.

Viewers are lab rats being coerced into buying stuff they don’t want. Is that fair? Is that moral?