Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This advertising has called people’s attention, for its funny style. Actually, the campaign has been well succeeded and I believe that Nova Schin Group is very happy with the increasing sales of beer.

The commercial target group is adult consumers of alcoholic drinks, due to law restrictions and people must be advised to consume them with moderation. However, this advertising has reached children and teen’s attention as well, for its hilarious message of one answering someone else’s cell phone, using words with ÃO in the end. Words like sabadão, pokerzão, perfeição, carrão, amigão, mulherão, etc., rhymes with the new cervejão.

Cervejão was intelligently created to oppose all other brands of beer that people are used to call the cervejinhas. A new concept is in the air. Nova Schin has now to be good enough to keep up with what it promises.


  1. Hello Donice,
    Beer ads are really one of the best ads we have these days. It is too bad, however, to think that they contribute to make people drink too much.

    All the best

  2. That´s true. Beers have been competing every day. Their campaigns are worked with no moderation, in order to catch people's attention. By the way, have you already seen the New Nova Schin advertising? It´s kind of a reply to this one above. It´s even better. Tks for your comment.